Sheila Stokes

Founder club memberShelia.jpg

I first skied when I was 25'ish, in lace boots and wooden skis with cable bindings, which never worked. My first ski holiday was Aviemore, Scotland. We were also in tents and it was like an endurance test (I've never recovered). I've been on many ski holidays to various resorts, and even skied at Ringinglow. I haven't a best holiday, they are all good. My best apres ski was Sauze D'Oulx, Italy. The funniest thing that I saw was a pair of skis with boots, no feet in them, sliding down the slope at Westendorf.

I have been the Club Secretary for many. many years but decided to retire (2020) as Club Secretary.

My ski ambition is always to enjoy it and qualify for a free lift pass. My two ski tips are always to wear trousers when dancing on tables, and "T**'s To The Fall Line"!!

Sad to say Sheila passed away December 2021. She was an active member and helped to run the club and encourage members to participate in club activities.

She will be greatly missed,

Welwyn D'Roza


Welwyn D'Roza

Club PresidentWelwyn_D.jpg

I first skied in 1970; Aviemore, Scotland using a pair of leather clip boots with cable bindings on wooden planks! Managed to learn the ‘Snowplough’ by the 2nd day. (I could Ice Skate very well which helped). By the end of the week doing 'Stem Turns'. There is an old saying, “ If you can ski in Scotland – you can ski anywhere, on anything, in any weather. I must admit to skiing in the Cairngorms, Scotland on good snow, slush, sugar, ice, rocks, Heather, mud & plastic. In sunshine, rain, fog, gales, horizontal hail (pebble dashing) and heavy snow falls.
Since then (many, many years in Scotland) I've got married & 2 kids who can ski almost as good as me! I have now skied most of the French Alps, but I have also skied in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the plastic slopes of the Sheffield Ski Village and the Ski Domes in the UK. Not forgetting the local ski slope at Ringinglow (Jacob's Ladder) Sheffield and various other local hills. I am passionate about skiing and keeping the club alive and running.

My ambition is to still be skiing but with a free lift pass, which I will achieve in 2022 in Andoria.


Tony Marples

Club ChairmanTony 2.jpg

My first experience of skiing was in Scotland, Glencoe. The weather was too bad for climbing, so we had an afternoon trying to ski - on ice! I have spent many years backpacking in the UK and climbing/mountaineering in the UK and in the Alps. Many years went by after that first ski experience before my first proper ski trip, on proper snow. We had a family trip to La Rosiere, the kids were 4 & 6, I was 46, definitely a late starter.

Since then I have managed at least two ski trips a year, both the kids are now way better than me. My son is way faster, and my daughter puts me to shame by the ease at which she glides down Black runs, both of them patiently waiting at the bottom. I just manage to survive the week with an unhealthy cocktail of tablets to keep the torn shoulder, broken elbow and creaking knees working!
The experience of skiing with a group of friends both on the piste and afterwards in the chalets make for some memorable holidays.


Sophie Barton

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Club Vice Chair​​​​​​​Sophie.jpg

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I’ve always enjoyed sport and all of it’s challenges but never skied. After taking early retirement I started lots of things I’d never done before, including skiing! I seized the opportunity to tag along with my brother-in-law on my first ski holiday in the Czech republic… and I loved it. In search of more like minded people I discovered the Hallamshire Ski Club right on my doorstep. Within three weeks I was in Serre Chevalier with them, Airbnb apartment right next to where the group was staying – this chalet was full but I was determined to go!

I am very much a latecomer to skiing but love the excitement and challenge of the slopes. I’ve been made to feel very welcome since my first contact with the club and appreciate the patience and advice of the experienced members.


Welwyn D'roza

 Temp Club Secretary

We need a dedicated club member for this role.



Roger Horner

Roger-H.jpgClub Membership Secretary

I have been skiing since 1976. My first ski holiday was to Murren in Switzerland where I went with my 7 year old son,  this was an interesting holiday as Murren in those days had mainly “T” bar lifts, the bar went behind my knee’s,  After that I was hooked. Since then I have skied in many resorts in Europe, America and Canada. I have been a member of the Hallamshire Ski Club since 1980 and a committee member since the late 1990’s, the first four years as treasurer, and since then as membership secretary, I also have just been asked to update and maintain the Club web site which has been a challenge as I have never built a site before. My favorite resort is Zermatt in Switzerland where I have been a number of times.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Club and web site please use the contact form to let me know.


Janet D'Roza

Club Treasurer & Holiday CoordinatorJanet_D.jpg

It all started because I am nosy! My friends were talking about a skiing holiday and I thought I might be missing something, so I asked if I could go too! This was back in 1982 and I've skied every year since! (We managed three trips in one year once!) My first trip was a Hallamshire Ski Club trip to Auris en Oisans (near Alpe D’Huez, France), and after the first day I wanted to go home! By the end of the week I was well and truly hooked – I improved very, very slowly with a lot of help (and patience) from other members of the Ski Club. I've done the majority of my skiing in the French Alps, but have been to Austria on several occasions and the French Pyrenees once, but so far I've managed to avoid skiing in Scotland!!

This skiing has got a lot to answer for – I married a skier (yes, we met on that first holiday in Auris!) and we now have 2 skiing children! I even skied when I was pregnant with both children – which I said I would never do, but I couldn't bear the thought of not going skiing for a year!!


Jane Parker

Club Committee Member & Social SecretaryJane.JPG

Started skiing 3 years ago (2016) as part of a dare with friends on a drunken night out.

First experience was 2 days in Aviemore, Scotland and then 4 days in Val Cenis in France.

Had to take a year off due to an accident skiing in Castleford that tore the ligaments in my hand and damaged my shoulder.

Returned last year to skiing in Valmeinier. Due to lack of confidence and ability this ended in me being brought off the mountain by a skidoo and rescue dog as I'd missed the last lift back to the resort!
Not to beaten, I returned to Valmeinier 3 weeks later and conquered my previous fears.

Since then we've been back to Valmeinier twice and returned to my favourite place Val Cenis, France.


Tom Moore

Tom.jpgClub Committee Member & Website consultant

I heard about skiing in Y4 at King Ecberts School, Sheffield. The trip was arranged by Mr. Johnston (The PE teacher). This was in October 1993 and the trip was three months later. We spent a week at La Clusaz after attending four sessions at Sheffield Ski Village and I skied down 1 green and 2 blue runs. After I left school and started college, I heard about another ski trip they were planning, to Les Deuz Alpes for another week. I took a few more lessons to improve my stem-christie turn and begin to do a parallel stop in my last year at school. In Les Deuz Alpes I skied my first true red run. I found parallel turns easer to do on real snow than on plastic. In 1998 I went on a skiing trip with my family to Chamonix and improved even further. Between ’98 and 2004’ I went skiing in Scotland with my brother-in-law to Glenshee, Glencoe and Aviemore. I’ve also been skiing with the Ski Club to Leeds ski slope and to Manchester with some relatives, and Edinburgh Ski slope with my sister and family.

I'm on the committee to represent the younger members of the Club.